Our Mission: To challenge the way things are done

At Helm, our corporate real estate approach emphasizes your decisions, which become the future of your business. We do this in three key ways:

1) We invest time up front to deeply understand how your business operates and to create your strategic goals.

2) We eliminate all conflicts of interest, and therefore have no biases about your real estate decisions.

3) We act as your in-house real estate advisor; working alongside you as an extension of your corporate team.

We believe real estate should be viewed as a business opportunity, not a business expense.

Core Values

We provide the highest quality service

We appreciate and celebrate strategic thinking.

We aim to please our clients

Our clients are the backbone of our business and our most important stakeholders.

We promote health, happiness, and growth for our clients and team members

We believe Workplace Experience contributes to overall productivity and well-being

We practice win - win relationships with our strategic alliance members and vendors

We promote a “team mentality” at every opportunity.

We increase revenue and longevity

We build real estate strategy using Goal-Fusion, which elevates our client’s corporate platform.

We care about our community and global environment

We support local vendors whenever possible, and practice environmental stewardship through clean energy and conservation education.